What To Do When Your Caregiver Is Experiencing Burnout


Caregiving is an honourable and fulfilling profession. However, even the most dedicated caregivers can experience burnout. After all, they do not only offer personal assistance but emotional support as well. Caregiver stress has a physical and an emotional component.

In fact, caregiver stress can adversely affect the caregiver’s health. When a caregiver gets stressed, they could experience feeling overwhelmingly worried, feeling tired more often, becoming easily irritated or short-tempered, and even losing interest in hobbies. It can also include getting too much or not enough sleep, gaining or losing weight, experiencing physical pain, and even abusing alcohol or drugs.

As an employer, it is part of your responsibilities to take care of your employees. Remember, if your caregivers can’t take care of themselves, they won’t be able to take care of other people. Get in touch with your caregivers regularly to ask how they are doing.

Foster a company culture of support and togetherness. An industry where employees have to deal with the ill can be very taxing. Give employees an opportunity to bond on certain days so they can get to know each other and establish a support system.

If one of your employees is currently facing caregiver stress:

  • Reduce his/her workload for the week. Give your employee some time to recover from the stress;
  • Let a doctor check him/her. Your employee might have caught a virus while working or developed something serious. Regular health check-ups are good practice in an industry that primarily tends to the ill.

Taking care of your employees will benefit them and your company in the long run. With satisfied employees, you will have satisfied clients.

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