Compliance Consulting

“Executive Professional Consulting Services is guaranteed help with a home care agency becoming fully accredited.  I began the process with not knowing what to expect or how to get there.  Both the Executive Director and the Director of Operations were vital in helping us with organization of paperwork, following protocols, and setting up new systems to keep our records in line with accreditation requirements.  With their constant help and guidance, we were successful in achieving our goal of Accreditation.  A haunting and tedious process became simplified with their guidance and knowledge.  The fee was commensurate with their expertise.  Anytime we had questions or concerns, they did not hesitate to help and give us suggestions and motivation to continue on the arduous process.   We were completely prepared and anticipated everything the auditor questioned.  We did not miss a beat due to the awesome preparation and guidance we had.  Thank you for all your patience with my agency.  You made a very stressful time a much easier task.  Success at the end made it all worthwhile.”

– Z.S., Helpers at Home Care, NJ

“Executive Professional Consulting Services was instrumental in helping my Health Care Service Firm receive Accreditation through ACHC. The Executive Director and Director of Operations were knowledgeable of the policies & standards and made the arduous process manageable.”

–  S.F., Evolving Care, NJ

“Executive Professional Consulting Services, thank you so much for everything you did to help our agency pass the accreditation process through CAHC. When we first heard about accreditation, we thought it was the most daunting task. We started to make sure our files were in order, but it became an overwhelming project for us by ourselves. That’s when we decided to reach out to your company. That decision was one of the best professional decisions I have ever made. Your team knew everything about the process, you asked the right questions, informed us about all the expectations and pieced together our application. It truly was a great experience and exceeded my expectations.

Throughout the process, the EPCS team was communicative with updates and anything that required further action steps from our team. You proved to be knowledgeable along the entire process. You performed a mock audit which further prepared us for the real one. You clearly laid out what to expect on the audit day, so we were extremely well prepared and confident. Because of your guidance, we passed with full accreditation.

I am truly appreciative and grateful that we moved forward with you because you made the accreditation process as smooth as possible and eliminated all our concerns. I highly recommend you to any home care agency who needs any type of consulting services. We will definitely be in touch in the future.

Thank you again for everything.”

–  S.F., Executive Director, Visiting Angels, NJ

 “Working with Executive Professional Consulting Services has been a tremendous blessing to my life and for my agencies. I would not have been able to be accredited by CAHC without their expertise and help. To any home care agency that is looking to get accredited through CAHC, I highly recommend Executive Professional Consulting Services.”

–  D.K., Owner, Oceanwide Home Care, NJ

“From the first time that I called the Executive Director at Executive Professional Consulting Services, I immediately knew that I was dealing with a true professional. We have worked closely for several months and our meetings have always been very informative and productive. Both the Director of Operations and the Executive Director are very knowledgeable in the accreditation process. The Director of Operations keeps excellent records and is very organized.  Going through accreditation preparation can be a very stressful process. EPCS has walked me through the ACHC accreditation process step by step.  The Executive Director has a  wealth of information and if she does not know the answer immediately, she finds the answer for you in a timely manner. They are current on Policies and procedures as well as regulations.   I look forward to working with this team of professionals for many years to come. Worth every single dollar.”

– P. F., RN,BSN,CRNI,VA-BC,IgCN, CNO, CEO and Owner, Paradigm Clinical Services, NJ

“Almost two years ago, we have received an email stating all Home Health Care agency in New Jersey are required to be accredited in order to provide home care services to clients. This is the reason that we reached out to Executive Professional Consulting Services to guide us (Perfect Touch Home Care Firm) with the accreditation process. We wanted a consultant who is knowledgeable of all of the accreditation organizations as well as a proven expert in the home care industry. EPCS’s consultants are very experienced with agency policies and forms that must be used when servicing clients and processing personnel. If your desire is to go through the accreditation process with the right guidance, then you definitely need to give them a call.  The lead consultant is an extraordinary person and a great mentor. She is very detail-oriented something that shows in the quality of her work. I definitely, definitely recommend her, you will be amazed at the support, guidance, and dedication to your agency that you will receive, which guarantees great work. A CAHC representative has congratulated us for a job well done with our policies.

With that in mind, thank you, Executive Professional Consulting Services, for your help. I truly, honestly appreciate all that you have done for our office. Your patience and understanding of our situation has been a great support throughout this process. ”

– M.V., Director and Owner, Perfect Touch Home Care, NJ

“I retained the services of Executive Professional Consulting Services after buying an existing Home Care business earlier this year. The business I bought was in existence for 17 years, and I immediately noticed a lot of the paperwork was not updated per the new standards. A professional colleague highly recommended Judith from Executive to come and assist me with establishing new guidelines, and creating new forms as needed. As soon as I contacted Judith I realized that she was very service-oriented and helpful, as well as extremely patient in answering all my questions. She spent long hours on the phone with me, and came to my office to inspect my existing documents and procedures in place. She then provided me with all the documents and manuals I needed, and we went over each one of them, what they meant, when they needed to be used, and in what manner. I am proud to say that today, my agency has better forms, policies, and procedures than most local agencies I’ve seen. Judith was always very proactive in following up with me, and provided assistance above and beyond what she was contracted to do. She is in touch with me to date to follow up on my success, and I feel as if I have gained an invaluable relationship with someone who is ever-so-knowledgeable. I intend to use Executive’s services again in the next few months as I start preparing my business to be accredited. I can honestly say that I couldn’t have asked for a better ally to support me in the journey of growing my business and developing it to the next level with full compliance. Executive Consulting Services was definitely a very smart choice.”

– T.I., Director and Owner, American Home Care, NJ

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