Accreditation Services

Healthcare Accreditation Consulting

Does your business need to be accredited?  Is your accreditation coming up for renewal?  Not sure where to start?

That’s where we come in!

Executive Professional Consulting Services is a firm that specializes in multiple aspects of the Health Care industry; we can assist companies providing private duty nursing, skilled nursing, infusion nursing, non-medical and personal care services or companion care with navigating the challenges of the accreditation process in conjunction with state and federal regulatory requirements.  Our executive consultant background includes over 30 years in compliance, quality assurance and audit functions with major corporations and over 10 years of experience working in home and health care services, as well as consultant certification and training from the accreditation organizations (AOs).

During the accreditation process clients will have access to:

  • As little or as much guidance as you need to obtain and maintain accreditation
  • Expertise as to the requirements for each AO, federal and state requirements
  • Proper organization and long-term planning
  • Reference material to help with the process
  • On-going support

EPCS offers service package options as well as a la carte services that may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Comparison of various Accreditation Organizations (AOs) relative to coverage area, cost, timeframe, census requirements, standards, lookback period, renewal terms, etc.
  • Sales, review, updating or preparing policy and procedure manual and forms to comply with:
    • Applicable Federal/State requirements
    • Precise AO standards -which varies from 12 to 45 standards based on the AO selected.
      • Topics covered include, but are not limited to: corporate governance, client services, supervisory & staff qualifications/training, human resources, financial process and long-term planning, regulations and corporate compliance, emergency management, risk management and quality assurance.
  • Preparing or updating appropriate Employee Handbook
  • Customization of documents
  • Assistance with the survey/self-assessment preparation
  • Coaching clients as to the interview expectations and observation requirements during the AO Site Visit
  • Identifying common pitfalls and advising how to avoid them
  • Mock Site Visit – to determine client’s readiness for unannounced or scheduled site visit
  • Plan of Correction -working with client to address any issues highlighted by the surveyor during the review or site visit
  • Liaising with our contacts at the AO’s to address any questions or concerns during the entire process
  • Regularly scheduled Status Meetings (May be at the client’s office, EPCS offices or via web/phone conferencing)
    • During Status Meetings: EPCS personnel will review client progress, answer client questions as well as go over specific topics relative to:
      • Standards
      • Policy and Procedures
      • Implementation and Training



The consulting process, beginning before the completion of the AO application through the updating of the policies and procedures and preparation of the documents for survey/self-assessment submission to the AO is estimated to take up to six months. EPCS will be in contact with the client and available to answer any questions during the waiting period for the site visit; the consulting services will continue after the site visit is completed and will extend through receipt of accreditation status. The entire process is expected to take between six and nine months, which represents a reasonable timeframe expectation based on the full cooperation of home care staff, AO scheduling of their internal accreditation processes and site visit, and barring unforeseen developments.

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