7 Tips In Preparing Your Healthcare Agency’s Accreditation


Being accredited means that your agency has been accurately assessed as to a certain level of performance. Most often than not, accredited healthcare agencies are trusted by more patients.

How do you prepare for your agency’s accreditation, though? Here are the tips:

  1. Determine which accreditation organization you want to be accredited by.

    A lot of accreditation organizations are providing accreditation to healthcare facilities. Identify which one you want to seek the accreditation from. Some of these organizations include Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP), The Joint Commission and Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) among others.

    When choosing an organization, take a look at their standards, renewal costs and terms, coverage area and more. Use these as bases for your choice.

  2. Know, comply with, and submit the accreditation requirements.

    Once you have chosen an accreditation organization, list the requirements you need to submit. A Home Care Accreditation Consultant can help you in knowing, complying with, and submission of these requirements.

  3. Create a long-term strategic plan.

    The accreditation organization wants to know how you plan to manage your business and what you hope to accomplish. It is important to create a long-term strategic plan that is approved by your healthcare facility’s board of directors or the management. This plan will help the organization understand how you will propel your business in the direction you want.

  4. Establish policies and procedures for operations.

    Operations within your healthcare agency should be smooth to ensure smooth delivery of healthcare services. Establishing policies and procedures for your agency’s operations is crucial to attaining this goal. Discuss with the board or the management regarding these policies and procedures.

  5. Train your personnel.

    Your healthcare personnel must know what to do during and after the accreditation. For them to learn the policies and procedures you have established, they should be trained. You can engage Home Care Consultants to help you in training your personnel.

  6. Assign an accreditation coordinator.

    The accreditation coordinator is a member of your company who will handle the entire accreditation process and everything that goes along with it. He or she will be your point of contact. The coordinator is the one responsible for ensuring compliance with the accreditation standards, requirements and more.

  7. Conduct a mock accreditation and evaluate the results.

    A mock accreditation will help you evaluate your agency’s preparedness for the actual test. Conduct the mock accreditation as if it is real, take note of the things that you can improve on, and make the necessary changes.

If you need help in preparing for your accreditation as well as your operations after the process, Executive Professional Consulting Services is the name you can trust. Talk to us today so we can begin the preparation process.

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