3 Tips To Remember In Creating Your Employee Handbook


An employee handbook is important when communicating the workplace policies. It defines the powers of the management and states the rules and benefits for employees. The handbook is essential in preventing disputes, and is used as a reference should any arise.

That’s why Executive Professional Consulting Services, our healthcare accreditation consulting in New Jersey, offers consulting even for your employee handbook. Investing in a well-written and comprehensive handbook is a worthwhile financial investment in the long run.

  1. Give it an engaging title.
    Think up of a creative name for your handbook that will entice the employee to read it. Just “Employee Handbook” tells your employees that it’s going to be long and boring read. Come up with something engaging and even funny, depending on the company culture you’re trying to foster.

  2. State your mission and your vision for the company.
    The mission statement outlines what you do every day in your company. It is the reason why you built your company and why your employees come in to work every day. While the mission statement is primarily for the benefit of your customers, it should engage your employees as well.

    The vision statement outlines who or where you want your company to be in the future. Do you aspire to be the leading healthcare service provider in your state? Do you want to be the #1 home health care provider in the country? This statement communicates to the employees what you’re all working towards.

  3. Tell them what’s in it for them.
    Competent employees are drawn to a compensation and perks package that appeals to them. Many companies now include perks that accommodate employees’ kids or puts some focus on the employee’s health. After you’ve selected a good perks package, show it off in the handbook! Place it in the first part of your handbook so your employees know exactly what’s in it for them.

Consult our CHAP Accreditation Consultant, Executive Professional Consulting Services, for more information on how to make a sound employee handbook. We are open for consultation with anything regarding your company from corporation formation and registration to licensing to organization structure and staffing.

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