New Jersey Health Care Service Firm Accreditation

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It has been made official that accreditation will be required for New Jersey Health Care Service Firms (HCSF) to renew their license in July 2019, as seen in the May 2018 New Jersey Register. IF YOU WISH TO OBTAIN MORE DETAILS ON THIS PROPOSAL, PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE.

Executive Professional Consulting Services is a New Jersey based firm that specializes in all aspects of the Health Care industry; we can assist companies providing private duty nursing, skilled nursing, infusion nursing, non-medical and personal care services or companion care with navigating the challenges of the accreditation process in conjunction with New Jersey state requirements. Our executive consultant background includes over 30 years in compliance, quality assurance and audit functions with major corporations and over 10 years of experience in New Jersey home and health care services, as well as consultant certification and training from the accreditation organizations (AOs) such as ACHC, CAHC and CHAP.

Our firm will provide:

  • As little or as much guidance as you need to obtain and maintain accreditation
  • Expertise as to the requirements for each AO and state requirements
  •  Proper organization and long-term planning
  • Reference material to help with the process
  • On-going support
  • Liaison between AOs and clients
  • Sale of Policy and Procedure Manual and Forms
  • Policy and Procedure Manual Review

There are approximately 1000 HCSFs in New Jersey that will need accreditation and only 5 approved AO’s. Now that the new regulations are effect, agencies that have not started the process will be rushing to get accredited before the deadline. Under normal circumstances, the complex accreditation process can take several months and with a dramatic increase in volume, it is likely to slow things down, causing the process to take significantly longer than it has in the past. HCSFs that wait too long to get started could risk failing to get through the process in time to renew their licenses.

Don’t put your business at risk! The accreditation requirement is here, so if you haven’t started already, it’s time to get moving.

If your agency is already accredited, Executive Professional Consulting Services offers a range of services that can meet your agency’s needs as well; including assistance with accreditation renewal, mock surveys, consultant retainer services and more.

Call us at 732-851-4127 or email us at for more information or to get started today!!!

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