Healthcare Workers Amid COVID-19

Healthcare Workers Amid COVID-19

While millions of people around the world stay at home for safety, healthcare workers are doing the opposite. They serve as the front-liners to fight the pandemic. They go to the healthcare facilities they’re assigned to, putting themselves at a higher risk of COVID-19 over time. Despite the safety measures, the mortality rate of healthcare workers is increasing.

Worldwide, doctors and nurses are deemed as heroes, as well as the home health care staff tending their clients despite the pandemic. As a Home Care Accreditation Consultant, we go beyond helping our healthcare company partners successfully earning their accreditation. In these trying times, the whole healthcare industry ought to be unified.

As a Healthcare Accreditation Consulting in New Jersey, we know that it isn’t the exposure alone that keeps the healthcare professionals more vulnerable to infection. Reports from medical staff, themselves, state that they’re also dealing with mental and physical exhaustion, the difficulty in making triage decisions, and the grief in losing colleagues and patients.

While the pandemic accelerates, lack of access to personal protective equipment (PPE) is one of the highest concerns. Due to the PPE shortage, some medical staff gets on the field without proper equipment while waiting for their PPE provisions. As a result, they may already have been seeing infected patients or use equipment that might not meet the requirements.

This pandemic got the entire healthcare force questioning their system. Let Home Care Consultants from EXECUTIVE PROFESSIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES help.

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