6 Common Reasons Why Some Healthcare Providers Fail Their CHAP Accreditation


If you aspire to become a home health care agency owner, you must have met CHAP, Community Health Accreditation Partner. It is a body that accredits home health care agencies and helps them acquire tools for efficiency and better performance. And practically because of it, an agency becomes more reliable and established.

More than just an improvement in delivering the service, CHAP has several major benefits making it very important to pass the same. However, passing CHAP is not a 100% guarantee. There are some that do not cut to the test. Why? Here are some of the biggest reasons why agencies fail their CHAP Accreditation:

  1. 1. Lack of requirements
    One of the earliest CHAP accreditation requirements is the payment of an application fee. Currently, it is set at $800.00. Aside from that, applicants must comply with documentary requirements. A very important one is a license or certification from your home state. Other papers needed include the Employer ID number (EID) and the National Provider Number (NPI).
  2. 2. Not meeting the deadlines
    Not meeting deadlines is fatal in any accreditation process and CHAP is no exception. Be sure to inquire when is the last date of submission for the requirements. Extensions may not be granted.
  3. 3. Commission of guideline or statutory violations
    CHAP accreditation is a very delicate process. During application, you will be given a set of guidelines to comply with. Violations of such may lead to outright denial of accreditation. In addition to which state and national laws exist that regulate the operation of home health care agencies. Learn more about them.
  4. 4. Failure to meet certain sanitary standards
    Site visits will be conducted. CHAP representatives do this to verify the authenticity of the business. More importantly, this is also done to assess if the agency is compliant with sanitary standards and that the professionals are trained enough to maintain the same.
  5. 5. Offered services are outside CHAP’s coverage
    Services to be accredited by CHAP are very specific. Haphazard applications will only waste your time.
  6. 6. Wrongful information in the application form
    One mistake a lot of agency commit is improper filling out of their application form. While most clerical errors are forgivable, applicant agencies must not be complacent. They must only enter information that is authentic. Untruthful claims may not only result in non-accreditation, it may also lead to perpetual disqualification.

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