3 Reasons Why You Need an Employee’s Handbook


It is a requisite for every employer to inform their employee of the rules and regulations of the company as well as the rights of both parties as regards to their obligations and responsibilities. However, this important information is often taken for granted especially when the employees do not really pay that much attention to such aspect of employment.

However, Executive Professional Consulting Services, a healthcare accreditation consulting in New Jersey, we encourage every caregiver and healthcare staff to know their rights. Not sleeping on your right when it comes to your job could give you a lot of benefits.

If you are currently working on a healthcare provider, here are four reasons why you need to open that employee’s handbook that has been accumulating dust on your shelf:

  1. 1. It informs you of your legal rights

    The reason why every company hands out a guidebook is for the employee to know what are their rights and when they can act on it. For instance, in a healthcare industry, most caregivers are deployed to different homes to take care of the sick and the elderly.

    A caregiver may be knowledgeable when it comes to her responsibilities to their patient but they may not be able to set boundaries for themselves. In cases where there are maltreatment and abuse on the side of the employee, then they may use the different grounds for termination of both parties to pay for the damage it has caused them.

  2. 2. It contains the detailed information about the company

    If you are a fresh graduate or a newly-hired caregiver, you need to familiarize the healthcare company that you are in. You need to know the people in the company as well as their policies. Through an employee’s handbook, it will give you a detailed information of what you should know about them.

    Moreover, you can also find all your responsibilities and what is expected of you by your employer. In this manner, you will be aware of the consequences in case you will not be able to deliver your tasks well.

  3. 3. It shows that you are compliant with the state’s laws

    One of the best indicators that a company is competent and legal is its compliance with the law. Your employee’s handbook must contain an acknowledgment or a comprehensive discussion on the company’s compliance with the law.

    This is a proof that your policies and benefits are in synch with the laws and your employees are in safe hands. In fact, Executive Professional Consulting Services, a provider of Compliance Consulting in New Jersey, highly encourages our clients to make sure that they have the certifications and license to operate such business and that their government IDs are up to date.

Indeed, the use of an employee’s handbook goes beyond teaching us our responsibilities as a caregiver. It also contains our rights and benefits that we can get from the company in case of fortuitous events. As for employers, to help you come up with a feasible and legal employees’ handbook, let our consultants at Executive Professional Consulting Services help you!

You can see the complete list of our services on our on our website. Get in touch with us soon so we can discuss how we can help.

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