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5 Things You Can Avoid by Training Your Employees

Many employers oversee the importance of employee training, fearing the expenses that come along with it. There’s no denying that hiring qualified candidates can help keep the business running. But the question is, up to what extent? In an industry where medical advancements and health methods keep forging ahead, your workers will be underqualified for … Continue reading

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Enjoy the Benefits of Training Your Caregivers On-Site

Building a great team means building a system that effectively works. One way of achieving this is to have specifically driven training that will shape the culture and productivity of your employees into the kind of workforce quality and service you would want for your home care services. In constituting your team of caregivers, have … Continue reading

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Patient Survey: Is your patient receiving quality care?

How do you make sure your healtcare facility thrives in the years to come? The answer is encapsulated in two words: client satisfaction. At the end of the day, you will have to be dealing with how your clients get benefited from the levels of service you provide. When they’re not satisfied, you can be … Continue reading

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7 Tips In Preparing Your Healthcare Agency’s Accreditation

Being accredited means that your agency has been accurately assessed as to a certain level of performance. Most often than not, accredited healthcare agencies are trusted by more patients. How do you prepare for your agency’s accreditation, though? Here are the tips: Determine which accreditation organization you want to be accredited by. A lot of … Continue reading

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What To Do When Your Caregiver Is Experiencing Burnout

Caregiving is an honourable and fulfilling profession. However, even the most dedicated caregivers can experience burnout. After all, they do not only offer personal assistance but emotional support as well. Caregiver stress has a physical and an emotional component. In fact, caregiver stress can adversely affect the caregiver’s health. When a caregiver gets stressed, they … Continue reading

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